The Millennials Role in Revival

The last two days of sharing with you has been AMAZING! First the revelation that our Ezra is Holy Spirit. Then the need for both a physical and spiritual revival to bring a nation back to God. And here we are today, about to embark on my absolute favorite part of this whole story.
When I went to the Lord and asked him what word I could paint that would begin to call forth the next season he gave me the word “Rise” and then showed me the verse Ezra 10:4
“Rise up; the matter is in your hands. We will support you so take courage and do it.”
The young generation, the second wave to arrive at the restored Jerusalem after captivity, comes upon Ezra. He is interceding on their behalf for walking away from the Lord. When they see him they begin to weep. They confess with their mouth that they have sinned against God and this verse is the people giving Ezra permission to purify their lives.
In other words, this verse gives permission to the holy spirit to restore a nation back to God at any cost.
What led the Israelites away from God in that generation was lust. We have a similar problem happening in our millennial generation. Lust of the flesh, lust of wealth, lust of power…. Lust is simply a powerful desire for something. So powerful that we are willing to put that desire above God and his will for our lives to get what we want.
Now if you’re like me (I am a millennial) hearing another word about how we are failing is just frustrating and discouraging. But there is a bigger picture happening behind all this millennial chatter. This is a reason we are getting so much attention. Because we, quiet literally, are the next big thing.
In the story of Ezra the older generation rebuilt the wall, but it was the younger one that brought in the spiritual revival. How? A special grace was poured out on them to repent and remove lust from even the most intimate parts of their lives. I’m not talking they started spending less time on their phone and more time in the bible. They sent away their wives and children to get back to the life God had called them to. That level of purification is so uncommon it is more than offensive. It is arguably unjust.
But this generation willingly came before Ezra, they came before Holy Spirit, and said, ” We have sinned. Show us the right way to go.” Their trust in God was absolute and their vulnerability was close of that of Jesus making his way to the cross. It was a sacrifice. It hurt. But they saw God as more valuable than anything else and they were willing to pay any price to put him back in his right place.
Revival always starts with repentance. I see repentance is the foundation on which the revival is built, and this act constructed a strong foundation. The spiritual revival that followed was historic.
Our generation has the opportunity to walk in this kind of repentance. To bring this kind of revival to our nation.
I see prophetic voices all over the nation, from the generations above us, pressing in for this revival. They have been preparing the way. They are currently rebuilding the walls. They have given their lives to their calling so that we could pursue ours.
It can’t just come from our parents and our grand parents. It needs to come from us. We need to make this our own. Rise up and claim it, to follow Holy Spirit in. Rise up to our responsibility to lead our nation by living lives of grace. Rise Up draft 2

This painting is the sound wave of the words, ” Rise up.” In the bible it talks a lot of about words being arrows. Often times the words are negative but what ever the enemy has as a weapon to use against us he took from something God made to bless us. So we are taking the arrows back. This ” Rise Up” arrow is a prayer, an anthem, and a call.
– A prayer from those who go before us that grace would fall. Grace to live lives worthy of the calling we have received. A grace for radical repentance in the most intimate parts of our lives.
– It is an anthem for those of us who have already made Jesus the King of our lives. That we will continue to make him in first in all things and be a living testimony to his glory.
– And a call to those that will join us. To those who have made lust their King. That they would return to their heavenly father. That they would trust him above all else and they would feel his love again.
Lets shower this nation with arrows of holy spirit fire lit by our living testimony. Filling up a bowl of supernatural grace for repentance let’s pour it out on our nation. Lets prepare for the next step. Let’s rise up. Take responsibility and take courage.

Prints of “Rise Up” are available here:


4 thoughts on “The Millennials Role in Revival

    1. God started talking to me about it about two years ago. For a different painting, so now I am branching out into more phrase. I did several recordings to see what shape they made together. I will have to do a blog explainging how the sound waves all got started. 🙂


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